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  1. Sherree

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    Hi there.
    I just found this site this morning. I am so excited. I found other women who like this stuff too.
    If I mess this up or say something politically incorreect please excuse.I frequently put my foot in my mougth so blame it on ignorance not bad manners.

    May I introduce myself?
    I am sasser. 48 yr. old grandmother.I have 3 children all out on their own.I have three grandchildren.8,4,and 2. My 1st grandson was born blind. There is nothing wrong with him other than he is blind. What a devastating event but he is doing great. The other 2 are fine.
    My hobbies include labs, training,canoeing,hiking,hunting (soon),4 wheeling on my ATV,reading mysteries,camping garedening,shooting sporting clays, and just about anything outdoors. My husband is involved in all the above evcept the training of the labs and he just supports me there. He has bought me all the training videos, e- collars, launchers etc. that I am not quite sure what to do with them all. I bought my own gun at Cabella's in Michigan.I have my heart set on a Benelli but will have to wait till I pay off my ATV. Our 1st trip to Cabella's would have paid the national dept. We will be married 24 yrs in May

    I am a nurse but I don't do any "real" nursing anymore I am in administration.I work out of my home when I am not traveling.

    I love labs. Actually I love just about all dogs.
    I bought my first lab puppy 1 1/2 yrs ago, he is a chocolate male.I had always wanted a lab and so I just went and got one. I then got on the net and started researching all the obedience, conformation,hunting etc you can become involved in and basically settled on hunting and training.So the things I taught him early on I now have to retrain or correct. I now have 2 labs. The second one is 6 months old and huge. He is taller than my other lab already. I am having a ball but not quite sure what I am doing but oh well.I love to talk labs so if I ramble hit me in the head or tell me I am too wordy i will catch on I promise.

    I saw in here somewhere where somebody wanted to open a ladies hunting store. If it gets up and running by all means contact me. I am short (4' 11"). I had a terrible time finding waders to fit me.I have no legs I guess and everything is way too long. Everything seems to be designed for men.

    I look forward to meeting all of you and like I said I am thrilled that I found this site.
    Have good one and be safe.
  2. Mrs. Quacker Attacker

    Mrs. Quacker Attacker Elite Refuge Member

    Sep 5, 2000
    Starin' at my computer screen
    Welcome Aboard Sasser!!
    Glad to have you! Hope to see you post up alot!
  3. ladyhawke

    ladyhawke Refuge Member

    Mar 14, 2001
    Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Welcome, welcome, step right in. Its great to have another member to share the wealth.
  4. skiduck

    skiduck Elite Refuge Member

    Feb 4, 2001
    Odessa,TX....but usually on a wellsite dropping fi
    Howdy sasser,
    skiduck from here in north Texas. I know this is the ladies place to post, but I got a little bored and decided to surf around a bit. A good book that may help you with training your labs is called "Waterdog". I'm not sure of the author, but a search on would probably find it for you pretty easily. My Dad trained our lab from that book and we only lost 1 bird in 10 years. Not a bad record in my book. Anyway, just be patient with the dogs. A simple way to tell if your dog is having fun is to watch their tailwagging. Once the tail drops to almost horizontal, its time to go to the house. Anything after the tail drops below horizontal will fall on deaf ears and have to be done again the next day. Anyway, have fun with your dogs and this great forum. I like all of the posts I have seen here because no one is griping about ANYTHING. Thats nice.
    skiduck :D

    BAYDOG Moderator- Diver, NY Forum, Refuge Classifieds Sponsor Moderator Flyway Manager

    Sep 9, 2000
    Phelps,New York (Heart of the Finger Lakes)
    Welcome Sasser, glad ya found it.Try the chat sometime,it's a hoot.

    AURIS LOBB Guest

    Hey Sasser haven't you heard were duck hunters we are supposed to be politically incorrect. Welcome aboard. If you want to see something funny look at the refuge forum under the Buck Finder post. I think that you will find it amusing. :D
  7. Lives_to_hunt

    Lives_to_hunt Elite Refuge Member

    May 30, 2000
    NW Oregon
    Welcome aboard!
    Waterdog is a great book and was written by Richard Wolters. I followed this book step by step and have a wonderful hunting and family dog. I too love labs and all hunting dogs. There isn’t much better than having a great looking, well trained dog that is willing to do the dirty work.
    I really wish there were more women willing to try shooting and hunting.
    :D :D

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