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  1. mpkowal

    mpkowal Elite Refuge Member

    Oct 20, 2015
    Renoduckman,sorry about your job,I hate to hear that.
    We have always been real picky about all the details but sometimes hides are tough out here. We try and brush up hard.
    As far as decoys go it's seems best to use FBs and sometimes shells.Goose hunting
  2. Jon-Barta

    Jon-Barta Senior Refuge Member

    May 9, 2002
    Omaha, NE
    Re working our wrp lake, moving pits, trying to get them a little lower without making them swim. Murph, birds have been doing that the last 3-4 years. What used to be "stop calling, they are on a string" groups now hit 40-50 yards and slide. Then swing, swing, 1-2 touch down, wait for the rest, the single or pair get back up and you loose the whole group. Even migrators are doing it now. This is happening no matter what we run anymore. From huge migrator spreads to new 20-30 doz sleeper spreads to small smith spreads. I attribute it to earlier seasons up north. A lot of the birds that used to be arctic breeders and even prairie nesters had never seen a spread or the pressure they are now. Its almost 3 months more of pressure before they hit NE. It is what it is. I guess you got two options, take the low hanging fruit or wait for a couple of bunches to do it right. I know what I will keep doing.... I hate educating big bunches for a couple of shots.
  3. renoduckman

    renoduckman Elite Refuge Member

    Aug 14, 2004
    I appreciate the thought!

    One thing I wanted to do for next season is get a few more good quality decoys. We sometimes hunt a loafing spot and I really like the look of the full body decoys with the sleeper heads. I watch live geese around and see them where they are standing and sleeping.
  4. Juvie Juke Box

    Juvie Juke Box Senior Refuge Member Sponsor

    Feb 1, 2017
    We finally got rid of our August Honker Season, but still have a 15 bird limit in every county but the counties in Unit 2 the entire month of September. Better than 2 solid months of a 15 bird limit though. I would love to see that go down to at least 8, but don't foresee that happening. I think killing 15 honkers at this point is ridiculous, and a limit of 8 on migrating honkers in October/Nov I'm also not a fan of. Not sure everyone here shares my opinion.
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  5. Wing Man

    Wing Man Refuge Member

    Jun 21, 2008
    New York
    Here in N.Y. they raised the sept.limit to 15. No plugs and you can use electronic calls.
    Talk about foolish!
    They even shoot Canada's in March in central and southern N.Y. ,I would say migrators mostly,since they are already in upstate by then.
  6. don835

    don835 Elite Refuge Member

    May 1, 2002
    Hadar, Nebraska
    Thanks Jon...I have seen what you are talking about. Very frustrating...
  7. anjordan77

    anjordan77 Refuge Member

    Jan 31, 2014
    You ever wonder if the geese are really migrating? I would like to say 90%(no science in my guess) of the geese we see around here the past few years are locals in Virginia. They have made it through the 10 goose a day September Season and the kill-offs that many places are trying to do to get rid of them and they just know better than to go to decoys. The only luck we seem to have with them is when it's rainy and the fields are flooded. Then you add in the Blind LAws and you see 300 banded geese just hanging out next to the blind some guy licenses to keep people from hunting...basically untouchable geese unless you want to risk a trip to court.
  8. cripple

    cripple Senior Refuge Member

    Jan 2, 2006
    Get out more hunt different areas and try a few new tactics ive been thinking about
  9. Honker Ace

    Honker Ace Refuge Member

    Jul 4, 2016
    For me, it really depends on where I am next season. Right now working on relocating to North Dakota while still young and single to take advantage of career opportunities and the hunting available throughout the Midwest. Little tough to do so when you are stuck in the most northeastern state with long travel to hunt any other states.

    If still here next season, the main goal will be to improve calling and continuing to add volume to the trailer. Right now I can do fine by myself, but there is always room for improvement with calling. A shotgun upgrade is also in order, but that is more a personal preference and not a necessity.

    If in North Dakota, once settled it will be establishing a network - making hunting and land connections similar to how I have done where I currently live. Other time would be spent assembling a snow goose spread to take advantage of a species I currently do not get to pursue here. Bought a few decoys for when we went to Saskatchewan last fall but going to need much more, especially if tackling hunts by myself at first. Other task would be to secure a pointer for afternoon pheasant hunts after work.
  10. ArmChair Biologist

    ArmChair Biologist Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 16, 2016
    This happened allot last year. I had birds sliding when I was using layouts in wind rows! They are getting extremely hard to shoot out of layout blinds even in fields that are super easy to hide in. They worked much better when I got the blinds out of the decoys 25 yards and took crossing shots instead.

    Sleepers work real well late season, especially when there's snow on the ground. Guys have been running big sleeper spreads in Minnesota for 6-7 years now. They are starting to get less effective because everyone's starting to jump on the bandwagon. My buddy has 20 dozen, and another guy I know has about 60 dozen that he runs in the area. Big spreads used to be 200 fullbodys and now some guys are running up to a thousand. It's pretty crazy.

    I'm so glad they got rid of that damn August season in Minnesota! I wrote plenty of angry letters to get rid of that season. It really screwed up the hunting in September and the total harvest didn't increase. It just spread it out over a longer period. I agree on the limit thing as well. We've put pressure on the DNR to keep it 5 apiece in the September season and 3 during the regular season so the birds don't get even more educated. You're going to shoot the birds that you shoot. You either shoot them all in one day or spread it out a little.

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