No more guiding on public lands in Kansas!

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    Nov 22, 2003
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    Thank you to the commissioners, KDWPT officials and the sportsmen who supported outlawing of guiding on public lands...It passed unanimously tonight at the commission meeting.

    There was some discussion on how it was going to be enforced and I was glad to hear the state has been meeting with surrounding states to implement a plan on the front end for enforcement!

    It sounds as though both parties will be fined if found guilty of being a guide or guided on public lands.

    Here is some of the statute that has been passed.

    For the purposes of this regulation, “commercial guide services” shall mean providing, offering to provide, arranging for, or assisting with hunting activities for other individuals on a commercial basis, including providing any one or more of the following when used in conjunction with or for hunting activities: pack or riding livestock, transportation other than by commercial carrier, equipment, or facilities.

    NO MORE SOLICITATION OF SERVICES ON PUBLIC LANDS! This will include the drop off and pick up services that have been practiced on public land!

    Thanks again to all who emailed and or contacted the commisoiners and KDWPT officials to make this happen! Please send letters of thanks!


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