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    Here on the ND Forum, we get a high volume of requests for NR hunting information. To assist in answering these questions, we decided to post answers to the more common ones as well as some general information....

    The answers to almost all NR hunting & licensing questions can be found at the North Dakota Game & Fish Department website, HTTP:// .

    These maps show the areas in which the different types of waterfowl hunting is best. Note that we included Spring Snow Goose...





    Do I Need A Guide?
    No, the NR hunter is not required to use a guide. ND can be hunted very effectively by the freelance hunter. All that is needed is a PLOTS Guide, gas money, and a willingness to knock on landowner's doors, to experience a quality hunt. If you want to use a guide, contact the Chamber Of Commerce of the towns in the area you are interested in. They usually keep a list and will assist you in making contact.

    What Is A PLOTS Guide?
    The PLOTS (Public Land Open To Sportsmen) Guide is a map booklet printed by NDGF, which shows all state and federal public land open to hunting in ND. They are available free from NDGF or at most sporting goods stores. The PLOTS Guide is an invaluable tool for the freelance hunter.

    Non Posted Land?
    You can hunt private land that is not posted

    Sunday Hunting?
    Sunday hunting is permitted

    Non Resident Restrictions?
    Nonresidents may not hunt any game (including pheasants) from October 9 through October 15, on certain Game and Fish Department owned or managed areas (PLOTS and WMA's). The last couple years, the last week of September has been open to resident waterfowlers only, with the General Season opening on the first weekend in October.

    There is no specific nonresident season limit for waterfowl. Legal daily and possession limits shall apply. The storage limit for nonresidents for waterfowl shall be the possession limit.

    See NDGF website for NR Waterfowl Zones, licensing, time period information, season dates, and changes for 2005.

    This information is meant to give you a starting point, and we hope you find it useful. Feel free to post up any questions you might have. Enjoy your hunt, and remember to leave it better than you found it.
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