NV Considers limits to Shed Hunting

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    Nevada considers limits to shed hunting

    Shed hunters may face some restrictions if Nevada passes regulations aimed at protecting winter habitat for deer and elk. Due to an increase in shed hunting popularity, officials are considering a ban Jan. 1 through April 14 to alleviate pressure on deer and elk populations that are already strained due to winter conditions.

    “It’s kind of exploded in popularity in the last 10 years,” Tyler Turnipseed, Nevada’s chief game warden, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, about the rise in shed hunting.

    “People are using dogs to collect antlers,” Cory Lytle, a member of the Lincoln County Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife, added. “They’re using drones. They’re using any means necessary.”

    Right now, shed hunting isn’t regulated within the state and doesn’t require a permit or license. Last year, Utah closed shed hunting temporarily due to harsh winter conditions impacting animals. This closure resulted in more shed hunters coming to Nevada, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. Without any type of restrictions, Lytle says, “It’s just going to lead to more (Utah) residents coming over.”

    Tomorrow, the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners will meet to discuss the proposal. Stay tuned to goHUNT for further information.
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    Well NDOW just eliminated reptile collection,this is the next inch of the mile the Antis want.Last CAB meeting I attended 12 people,6 antis,this is the direction things will go.Not one member of the board is a waterfowler,the libs are fighting,we are not

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