Oaks from Acorns

Discussion in 'Habitat Forum' started by StrmChzr, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. StrmChzr

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    Apr 12, 2004
    hazzard co. kansas
    Good grief Clayton, that's scary! CAD is leading cause of death in men over 40 in US (more people die of heart disease than all cancers combined) and about 50% of those folks never had a symptom of atherosclerosis until sudden death from a massive heart attack. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF CLAYTON!

    I've been MIA from Refuge forums primarily b/c we've been multiplying like rabbits at my house - 3 babies in 4 years... Now I have lots of "helpers" in the fall to assist w/ acorn collection!
  2. Clayton

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    Mar 11, 2000
    west, Tennessee
    That first one nearly got me! I had to be life flighted. Crazy thing is I had mine 8 days after my sister had one. She luckily survived hers. I wasn’t happy with only having one so decided to have a second one five months later. They finally decided I should have a quadruple bypass. That sucked! As if that wasn’t enough I got Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever in July. Which happens to be some bad juju. Still very weak from it. Just got diagnosed with thyroid cancer in November. Going in for consultation with surgeon tomorrow. Have not duck hunted at all since end of 2014/15 season.
  3. Redonthehead

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    Jan 7, 2005
    The middle zone of MO
    Clayton - sorry to hear of your trouble. You certainly have had more than your share. Hope things turn out OK.

    I have planted lots of acorns and bare root seedlings over the past 25 years. Not a good return on the effort at all. About 5 years ago planted 20 acres via NRCS EQIP and WHIP projects. They said the 360+ trees per acre would out grow the deer/rabbits. Wrong. I saved the plantings by installing 5' tree protection tubes on 700 scattered seedlings. IMO that's the only way to go - fewer trees but protect the heck out of them. If I do it again it will be ~50 trees per acre but tube each one. I understand the NRCS will now allow tree tubes in their practices.
  4. 8UP4 FOWL

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    Jun 14, 2008
    Central Illinois
    I have heard good things about the tree protection/grow tubes, but they seem pretty pricey. Any suggestions on a homemade, or cheaper solution?

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