One Month Until Openers!!

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    Well starting to get pumped up here in Ontario for the openers, April 25th. Been a couple of easy winters in a row in my area so looking like good numbers around. Last year was a tough year as birds seem unresponsive and very quiet. I'm hoping they are a little more vocal this year as everyone loves a responsive thunderchicken on his way in!!! I envy you guys who are already at it and the ones who are days away from openers. Good luck to all and looking forward to some reports!!

    Here is a couple grandpa birds my dad and I doubled on in the first week last year. Had them in range opening day but the ol boy couldn't see them for foliage and they followed the hens away. Scouted them out the rest of the week and got a better bead on where they were headed and it worked out perfect!!




    Here is my second bird from later in the season, a buddy invited me up to his area and had his gopro along as well as a camera in the blind. Short vid but gets the blood pumping!!

    (first time trying to add a vid, hope it works)

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