One Nation Under Guns: an Essay on an American Epidemic

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    IMO it is a good idea to read and be aware of the arguments put forward by both sides. Logic falls on the side of firearms freedom, but politics is not decided on logic. The next 2 to 10 years are fraught with danger for firearms freedom and we need to be prepared.

    Review of the book by Dave Kopel...

    December 18, 2006

    Why are so many gun control activists so angry? If you read this book you will understand.

    Mr. Grossman is co-founder of SAFE (Sane Alternatives to the Firearms Epidemic), Colorado’s leading gun control group. SAFE is a state affiliate of the Brady Campaign, the leading United States gun control group. The Brady Campaign, in turn, is a member of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA), the world’s leading anti-gun lobby.

    This essay examines various claims in Mr. Grossman’s book One Nation Under Guns, and also some claims that he made during our debate.

    ...The problem is not that these gun control advocates are unintelligent. It’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.[1]

    One Nation contains no footnotes, endnotes, or citations. Only rarely does the author explain the source of any of his claims. Quite clearly Mr. Grossman has gotten almost all of his information from the national anti-gun groups. Unfortunately, he is so eager to believe that worst that he has apparently not checked the veracity of any of those claims.

    As a result, an enormous amount of One Nation is factually wrong. No respectable newspaper would continue to employ a report whose work included such an enormous high rate of factual error – especially of facts which are easily checked, such as the straightforward language of a federal statute.

    Thus, One Nation is of very little use in studying the pros and cons of gun control policy...

    One Nation is still worthwhile reading, however, because it provides an excellent insight into the mind of the anti-gun movement. You would not study a Ku Klux Klan book to learn an accurate history of race relations in the United States, but you could study a Klansman’s book in order to understand the mentality that leads to the most extreme form of racism. Similarly, One Nation can help readers better understand the dystopian world view which has convinced so many gun control advocates that anyone who disagrees with them must be insane, cowardly, or brainless.
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    Thank you for an excellently formed, well documented and eloquent rebuttal.:tu

    If only everyone on either side of this issue would pay attention to the facts rather than emotions.:fp

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