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    1. Mighty Layout Boys, MLB Classic one man layout boat. KEVLAR model -- $2000. [​IMG]

    2. Specifications
      Length: 10'
      Width: 4'
      total Height: 11"
      Height above water: 7"
      Weight: approx 70 LBS.

      Original MLB Classic Kevlar one man layout boat that is no longer in production as the lighter Kevlar model-- approx 70lbs. Stealthy , LIGHT, versatile layout boat-- perfect for hunting sea ducks, divers and puddlers on the rivers and bays. This boat is in great shape and has multiple additions and modifications that improve its functionality including upgraded backrest, inset rail fiberglass shell holder , bedliner'd ****pit, rails and bottomside and a completely foam filled hull ( additional foam added to hull) that make the boat essentially unsinkable.
      MLB Classic Kevlar Layout Boat Specifications:

      Overall: 10’ x 50”. The roomy ****pit area is 78" x 26" wide on the fore end and 22" wide on the aft end.
      Comes complete with 1000 denier grey Cordura spray shield.
      All hardware is stainless steel, and includes two eyebolts on the upwind underside of the ****pit and a single eyebolt on the underside of the bow. There is also a deck cleat on the bow. These fittings allow you to attach all necessary anchors.
      The interior of the boat is equipped with flotation foam both fore and aft. Shelves are provided on either side of the ****pit for shells, gloves, or anything the waterfowler might need to carry into the boat.

      Color: granite gray, which best suits open water conditions.

      Due to the boat's light weight, it is recommended that the boat be transported both to and from the hunting grounds across the gunwales of the tender boat.

      call 360-379-0906 or pm.-- $ 2000. firm. cash or credit card w/4% fee, pickup in Port Townsend,WA or possibly meet for delivery somewhere on the Westside. p'm me for more details, serious inquiries only.
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