Pacific pilots of WWII

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    I have always had a curiosity about the pilots of WWII… Here are a couple of books about the Pacific theater that give a bit of a different prespective:

    Flyboys: A True Story of Courage., by James Bradley. This book discusses the trials and tribulations of some of the pilots that were shot down in the War, as well as some tough orders for the Japanese to carry out on those pilots. Pretty terrible stuff, but interesting in a very morbid way.

    Samurai! by Saburō Sakai. This gives the prespective of the war from the eyes of a Japanese ace (one of the top pilots of Japan)… He somehow manages to be both arrogant and humble in this book… It really gives you a different prespective and understanding of the war in general as well…
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    I have read Samurai. Good book. I like books about a certain type of plane. They often involve the more notable pilots that flew those planes. Thunderbolt and Fork Tailed Devil are a couple of examples.
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    You might enjoy "Titans of the Seas" by James Belote.

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