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    Jan 3, 2004
    Well, I'm off today and as usual on my off time that just happens to be a beautiful day outside I

    like to take the dog out for some exercise. I typically go to a place called Shelby Farm, which is a

    HUGE several thousand acre county park not far from my house that has an off leash area. The

    off leash area is several hundred acres, in my extimation, and has several lakes on it. When I go

    early in the morning it is typical to see people out training their labs for field trials and hunting,

    but as the sun gets higher in the sky the liberals leave their lair and congregate! I got out there

    today about 11am and cut Hank loose about 1115am, nobody in sight. We did our normal routine

    of sweeping around the first lake to the right and then heading east towards the other three

    lakes where people were more likely to be. Hank loves to run and play with the other dogs. As we

    make it to the last lake there are about half a dozen people and twice as many dogs. As the dogs

    chase eachother, swim and play we are all standing around talking. I'm not sure how the

    conversation started other than a woman asked me what kind of dog Hank is and where I got him,

    she starts telling me about her friend the animal rights activist from Ireland, now living in

    Memphis. Now I don't care if her friend is an animal rights activist, that's her right, but to me it is

    pretty telling about the type of person I'm dealing with. Well, after hearing about her friend the

    Irish animal activist, this older guy decides to interject with something he feels is relivent, which

    came out of left field. He says, "Did you know in England that they banned handguns and only

    have 30 crimes a year involving handguns and that in the US there are 30 crimes a DAY involving

    hand guns. The police over there don't even carry guns." I asked him what their violent crime rate

    did when they took away peoples guns over there? He didn't know. I left them with a question, "If

    they banned handguns in England and there are still 30 deaths a year due to criminals owning

    handguns, what do the criminals think of their new handgun laws?" A few of them were looking at

    me like I had three heads, apparently I don't mix well with liberals. I'm left asking myself, what is

    it about liberals that makes them want to force their beliefs onto others? I don't believe animals

    have rights other than to be treated humanely and in hunting the animal has a right to die as

    humane a death as us hunters can provide, but others feel I am wrong and try to change ME. I

    believe humans have the right to protect themselves against people who would do them harm and

    a handgun is about the best possible solution for everyday everywhere readiness. Yet some want

    handguns taken away by government and the criminals that would use them to do harm rights

    protected! I have no problem with someone not liking guns and choosing not to own any, but stay

    away from mine and don't try to pass BS as fact and half truths to convince people to think like

    them. It's a messed up world we're living in and the US is changing!
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    I think I agree with you, but I am 62 and cannot read your single space text with no paragraphs.

    Please re-post so this old guy's eyes can handle it.


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