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    Jul 19, 2014

    I was hoping I could make this brief, but the comments from another forum indicated that background information is needed.

    In accord with the Atlantic Flyway Commission, the DEC was to adopt a stronger mute swan management program. They developed a plan in accord with best (and cheapest ) management practices which was consistent with other states and the FWS.

    As required, the DEC opened a public review of the plan which was met with overwhelming opposition. The DEC announced that because of the public comment received it would revise the plan and reopen the revised plan for a second public review. The revision may have occurred, but the second public review was never announced. Only days before the first public review period was to end legislation was introduced which BLOCKED the DEC. The bill passed both houses in a matter of weeks and presently awaits the governor's signature. Of the entire legislature, only 25 members of the assembly voted pro-DEC. Not a single senator voted pro-DEC.

    We have launched a petition asking Governor Cuomo to VETO this legislation rather than sign it into law. Below is a link to the petition and another link to our organization's website. From the website you can also access our face book page and you tube channel. NY Dove Hunting is primarily involved in legalizing dove hunting and keeping it legal, but we are also concerned with the spread of mute swans across NY and attempts to outlaw pheasant stocking or phase it out by closing state-run game farms. We seek to organize as many ethical sportsmen and pursue these agendas.

    Link to petition:
    NY Dove Hunting website:
    Facebook page:

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