Phil Robertson, The anti-gay, I'm shocked

Discussion in 'Christian Forum' started by capthunterdude, Dec 18, 2013.

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    Nicely said. :tu
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    Oct 27, 2006

    Well said
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    Well said... And I have to applaud you for having the courage and honesty to say it.:tu
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    While I understand 10ga and that no matter what a child of mine has or might do,I will always love them. GOD also created Lucifer,who became satan.
    As a parent,I love my children enough to tell them the truth,not warm fuzzies that will appease the wrong doings
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    Jun 1, 2010
    I am unfamiliar with that aspect of the Human Genome Project. These prospective environmental factors got me wondering, how do you explain prison? The environment has changed (no women) so do these animals now adapt to men? Not that it is acceptable but it seems logical as Maslow's hierarchy is still alive even in prison men.

    On a side note, I highly doubt most of you in your life would have turned down a night with a few young women. Just saying I didn't.
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    Funny how you said that.

    In my younger days, when I tried to understand the world more with logic, and looked at the Bible from the view point that it represents a manual. A text book on how to run an efficient civilization.

    No it's not perfect, yes it may contradict it's self at times, but the guidelines it lays forth would be a great start to any gathering of people. I mean you have the Old Testament, then the New Testament which changes _some_ of what the first attempt laid out. If we all were slaughtering rams and goats for every sin we'd be in for something... So in that sense, laying down rules about dudes screwing neighbours wives and then nailing each other might be a good thing. We could all be doing each other and not getting anything done!

    Humans are every bit adaptable, and what you mentioned about prison reminded me about Afghanistan. We use to laugh about the manlove days, and that boys were for fun and women were for babies, but you look at where some of that area is at in terms of birth control and human rights and see that they are catching up to where we are and certain things are becoming unacceptable. Islam is younger then Christianity! What we term as Homosexual is still practiced in areas over there. As normal.

    Maybe this is just history repeating itself. We are just coming full circle. Maybe as animals we have an overwhelming urge to "Get it on!" so to speak. And as we move further away from our original doctrine, the one that got us to where we are today, you see something like homosexuality come back. Is it wrong? From a human rights stand point I don't think so. Two consenting adults? Everything is happy, happy, happy? I've got no issues. Do I think it's right from a Christian view point? No. An Evolutionary one? Definitely not. Can't go anywhere with out offspring. Just ask my dog, he tries to do anything if ya don't watch him.

    I see what Phil had meant by what he said, and he's always said. When he talks about faith and family being the most important thing. I think some people have to ask themselves a deep question. Do you think the freedoms (even if they are shrinking) we have now could exist without Christianity being the backbone of Western cultures? Christians have faultered at times, we are humans, but in the end we have always strived to "... love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the First Commandment". It has been said through out this discussion. Love the sinner and not the sin. Which at least partly falls under where? Every Christian knows! "... Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself...". That's what frustrated me the most about this situation. This attack on Phil's statement. Is an attack on all Christians. They try to make it sound like to be a Christian is to be a homophobe. When it's not! In fact they wouldn't be even able to say that if it wasn't for our beliefs, what are forefathers believed, and accepting that even though our Lord thy God has explicitly stated to us not to engage in those acts, we still accept the humans that do and love them as we love ourselves.

    Phil was just talking about this slippery slope we are all on. The further we move away from the Christian faith, the more we will all suffer. Do we all have to be straight, bible toting, Christians? No. The less people that are, and even greater number that don't try to at least understand, are going to lead to the downfall of us all.

    Well... Think I went off a little there eh?
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    calif / minnesota
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    Trying to compile a response that won't get deleted.

    I love my son as well, flaws included and always will. I also believe that the Bible is truth and that what it says is sin is indeed sin. Attraction and action are two different things.
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    Mar 16, 2013
    Good for you.

    Love is stronger than hate.
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