Phil Robertson, The anti-gay, I'm shocked

Discussion in 'Christian Forum' started by capthunterdude, Dec 18, 2013.

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    I agree... as far as fixing sin...

    We might not agree on what constitutes sin though. The bible has been interpreted and utilized how society sees fit as long as the bible has been around to some degree.

    Hopefully at some point we get the opportunity to find out.

    Personally, I believe that there is a place in the eternal Kingdom for any person who lives and treats others with kindness, respect, and self-respect.
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    And you're entitled to that view. As I'm entitled to point out that scripture says God loves all but offered one way for salvation--Jesus, and that according to his word salvation in him is not found merely in being 'kind' etc. It's important, but it is not sufficient.

    Of course we likely don't agree on what constitutes sin. The scenarios are endless where you can take the narrative given above, take out homosexuality and insert adultery, and the justifications range from God wanting them to be happy to I just didn't love her anymore to you just don't understand, on and on....change it out the same for others.

    Where one goes to base/form their view is really the only question. Scripture is clear on what is sin, especially regarding 'vices', which is merely our sinful nature at war with Jesus in our lives. The only real discrepancies are when one selectively plucks out various sins for various reasons. They should no more be carved out for selective rebuke than they should be carved out to ignore that they're sin.

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