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    Hey guys just bought plane tickets from STL to PHX for 5 nights the end of March. I was wondering if the AZ Refuge could give me some inside pointers on what to do. Only thing we have planned so far is opening day of MLB season on April 1 at Chase Field (big Cardinals fan) and the girlfriend wants to see some Frank Lloyd Wright work. (Taliesin West and Biltmore Sprites?).

    Might split our stay up 2 or 3 nights in different places. Any recommendations on areas to stay or not to stay? Thinking about using Priceline's name your own price but have to pick an area (Phoenix West, Scotsdale, Airport, Downtown, etc.) Any particular area to shoot for or avoid? How's public transportation/cabs? Also any place you would recommend staying that is off the beaten path for a night or two? Something in the desert? Sedona? Flagstaff? Any worthwhile nature sightseeing to do in the desert?

    Anyway didn't mean to make this post so long. Also interested in live music, drinking scene around Chase Field before and after the game, and good food. Also Arizona has quite better gun laws that the poor state of Illinois. Any shops worth stopping in or a range we could shoot some heavy artillary?

    Thanks in advance. Let me know if you ever want hunting info for Southern Illinois or St. Louis trip advice.

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