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Discussion in 'Photography Forum' started by tom f, Jul 31, 2016.

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    Well I just booked what's looking to be a photo tour of a lifetime! March of 2017 Artic Finland/Norway with our own Dave Stimac! I have been watching and thinking about this trip for awhile and now it looks like it really going to happen for me. After doing the 2016 Barnegat light trip with Dave I was sure I wanted to book more trips with him. He really does his homework and has great knowledge of his craft. This trip to Finland and Norway sure looks to be a great one. King, Steller’s and Common eiders, Razorbills, Atlantic Puffins are just a few of the stars of the trip. Just spoke to Dave last night and there are still 2 spots open. Would love to have a few forum members along for this trip. Should be one heck of a trip! Here is a link to Dave's site for info.

    Looking forward to the floating blind we will get to use for up close and personal shots of the Eiders! Here is a link to the floating blind
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