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Discussion in 'Gun Dog Forum' started by serper3, Feb 19, 2018.

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    Good luck with your pup. Most everyone has reasons for their decisions. I would be remiss to support DW's post as being useful. :h
    Secondly, your comment about not buying a pup out of proven (titled parents) because of not feeling up to the challenge or "pointless
    and a disservice to the dog" makes no sense to me. I have no opinions about the breeder you are buying form except she has been
    breeding, selling pups for many years. There is a market.

    The idea that you would spend triple for a well titled parents' pedigree is not accurate. My last pup was pick of the litter for $1250 and
    the pedigree has advanced titles on every single dog (four generations). For the record, DW is often a cynic. :) And another thing, the
    breeder of your pup states there is a chance your pup will point based on the fact that one "relative" has a CP title. For me, that is
    meaningless statement and a "red flag" because I had a pointing Lab and understand the genetics of titled Lab parents (that point).

    The only reason I posted is to counter the comment that you feel DW's was possibly supportive of your approach. As FieldLabLover
    said "What you are missing is there are lots of good dogs out there at a discount. The market is flooded and there are
    FC sired pups that are smart and highly trainable, but you have to be patient and know where to look."

    Don't sell yourself short.....if you take the time and put in the effort to raise, train and hunt a pup.....aim high. Whatever you do make
    sure it is fun and meaningful. To repeat....aim high. It is a lot more fun to "push down on the peddle" and know there is more......if needed. :yes

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    I am not sure that I understand this statement?! I have a pointing lab (chocolate) that came from pointing lab parents. I bred my male to my nephews female chocolate (who also points) What are the chances of the pups pointing? I know one of the litter was pointing pheasants at 4 months but not all of them were pointing on a regular basis last fall! LL

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