Pigeon and crow its whats for dinner!

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by leftyhunter, Nov 23, 2008.

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    Nov 13, 2008

    You can't hunt waterfowl in the off season but you can always hunt North African rock dove ( the common street pigeon) and crow year round with a depredation permit.Any shotgun with a modified choke and 7 1/2 shot will work. I like the Win universal shells for pigeons and the Rem Nitro 27 and win AA trap loads for crow and the best price is of course WallyWorld.

    Cleaning pigeons takes a little bit of time. Cut of the feet and head and you can just twist off the wings. Dunk the pigeon in hot water and pluck off the fathers. Then you field clean them just like a quail. Make sure you rinse out the gullet and the abdonimal cavity well. Boil the pigeons for at least an hour with fresh cut onions, garlic and some pepper and salt. You can stick a little bacon in them. After an hour or so fry the boiled pigeons in a pre-heated fry pan with some olive oil just long enough to get a little bit of a crust. Then serve with Embassada brand chipolte pepper. You could use cranberry sauce to since pigeons taste like dark turkeys. The rock dove is a Coulmbdia(sp?) just like the doves but I can't clean them like I do doves.

    Crows are easier to clean . You can cut off the wings, head and feet with garden shears and then peel back the skin from the breast bone . You wil find two lime size pieces of meean. make a horisontial ct below the breast bone and with your thumb remove the meat.

    Marinade in worchestershire sauce and then steam them in fresh worchestershire sauce about 10 minutes on each side they taste just like beef.

    Before you guys say yuck all I can say is try it you will like it:tu

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    I've eaten both and like crow better than older pigeons. The younger pigeons make fine eating though.

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