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    Sep 6, 2002
    So proud of my four year old yellow lab today. Last year I had a problem with my lab wanting to have me in her eyesight. She was always looking to see where I was and would break if I wasn't. I put this into my training program this last off season. This morning (only the second day out) while hunting a large pond I saw a goose swimming the opposite shoreline. I worked with my call for a long time and it had no interest in coming over to my calls or decoys. She was in a dog blind next to my blind. I gave her a stay command and did a sneak hunt around 3/4 around the pond most of it out of her sight. I shot the goose and the first thing I was thinking there was no way she would stay steady at the shot which she is very good at when I'm with her. She stayed in her blind till I gave her the come whistle. I know she didn't know where I was as she needed a couple more come whistles for her to find me. All the time training does pay off. Thanks for reading this as I had to tell someone who would know how good about it I feel.
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    That's what it's all about. Reminds me of time about 10 years ago my Rooster J he was just under a year I dropped one just out side the decoys and there was a good chop on the water. I sent him out in the middle open pocket when he got outside the decoys I gave him one whistle he stopped turned looked at me and I gave him a over. Boy I still remember it like it was yesterday was just like you see on tv shows. He made me so proud that day and many more. God I miss him so 2nd of Feb. was a year. I just hope there is such a place as rainbow bridge and he's running having a good old time and every once in a while he looks for me. I truly miss that big polar bear he was almost all white not yellow.
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