Quail Lands-A little Texas Help por favor!

Discussion in 'Upland Game Forum' started by Bearetta, Mar 30, 2001.

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    y father in law is wanting to move from Kansas to Texas, preferably within two hours of Dallas. He would like to purchase some land with good quail hunting potential and gardening potential, 160-320acres with home.

    Now I know that is far from being a Texas size spread and a weird combo-but He is 70 years old, tough as nails and just likes the country. Quail killing isn't as important to him as getting his dogs some work.

    He wants to get away from Kansas income tax but he has no idea on how much school taxes would be in Texas. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated as well.

    Any recommendations you men could offer on areas for him to check out would be much appreciated by me.

    Course it would also be good if a place could be found with good duck huntin water with a few bass in it! :D :D

    Thanks for anyone willing to help!


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