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Discussion in 'Photography Forum' started by Feet_Down, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. Feet_Down

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    Oct 19, 2008
    I have taken some pretty decent pics (or at least I think so). I am shooting the Sigma 70-200 2.8 . I was wondering when I get into photoshop if there is any trick to being able to crop in and not loose quality. Is there something I can do in photoshop or is it a camera setting.

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    Depends on a lot of factors like original resolution,sharpness of the original image, amount of crop and other post processing action,final use ie print or web.

    There are so many YouTube and other tutorials on cropping etc, I am sure you can probably find the answer to your question and if all else fails.......

    just do it and see if it floats your boat.

    good luck
  3. Rubberhead

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    I imagine that you are doing more than just cropping - it sounds like you're trying to accomplish what is known as "digital zoom". It's basically the same process and Photoshop tools but cropping is more about changing the position of the subject in the frame, changing the aspect ratio or slightly enlarging the subject to better fill the frame. There's no rule of thumb that I know of but what might look good printed as a 8"x10" photo might only be acceptable as a 5"x7" if overly cropped.

    Digital zoom is when you try to magnify the subject to see it better.

    A high MP camera will allow more digitial zoom before image quality at a given size suffers. You didn't mention your camera but a 8 to 10MP camera can't take much cropping before IQ suffers.

    Also, you when save in Photoshop, the amount of .jpg comression can have an effect on IQ.

    If you are using a low MP camera, you might be better served by shooting and doing the cropping in a RAW format.

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