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  1. duckcommander 101

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    Jan 28, 2003
    Metamora Couteau
    I spent some time working with my lab on blinds yesterday at my parents house.
    I switched up our training area to hopefully give my dog a challenge and expose her to something different.
    We had 30 mph winds out of the West and she encountered problems, but I have questions in regard to this.
    Is it possible she could not hear the whistle when she got say 65 yards away from me? There was like a magic fallen tree where once past it she would not sit on the whistle as she does so well normally.
    I spend time working with her everyday unless there is a downpour and she normally does so well during our sessions.
    I would love to blame it on the wind and believe she was doing what she was supposed to do but maybe she was just not listening to me.
    My dog has been through FF, CC, WF and the whole lot, her big issue is blinds and getting off the line. We work on it and she finds the bird every time but does not always follow the line I give her.
    I was getting upset and decided to take a good look at the conditions and see if there was a problem in what I did that would make it tough for her.
    I came up with the fact that the wind was tough to say the least, and a new area to train in brings new smells and the like and I am hoping that these two things are the root cause of yesterdays issue, but it could just be one of those days she has once in awhile.
    Sometimes when doing blinds she gives me the look like fetch what?
    Happy New Year to you all!
  2. rbr

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    Dec 13, 2003
    Phoenix MD

    At 65 yards I would think she hears the whistle just fine.
    As far as lining skills go, try doing a wagon wheel
    a few days and then streatched out pattern blinds.
    It is important to get your dog lined up properly before
    you send him.

    Keep up the good work.


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