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    TWOTON Senior Refuge Member

    Oct 10, 2000
    LA, Ar, US
    How do you keep rabbits and other unwanted animals out of your food plots?;)
  2. MSDuckmen

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    Mar 15, 2001
    Brandon, Mississippi
    I have never put much thought into it as I plant habitat, The word itself explains why I plant. This includes all wildlife not just the chosen few. The concept that I have is that unless you are totally over-run with rabbits it should benefit them as well. If you are over-run then come rabbit season You need to be there.

    However since you asked the question it obviously has merit to you so I would say put a fence up around the plot, two foot for rabbit and higher if deer are your problem. Or you might just think to plant enough for all of them. If that is not possible then plant a verity and they will only forest on what they prefer.

    Most of your habitat used for ducks cannot be affected in a negative way by other game short of large flights of seed eating birds. I have seen black birds destroy sunflower fields in just a few days. Deer and hogs can have an impact if the numbers are large enough to remove large portions of corn and soy field.

    The idea here and what I hope to get over in this forum is that the planting of habitat should never be simply to hunt, The concept should be much deeper than that. 90% of what I plant is not hunted, at least not by me. It only takes you watching wildlife to know that they have a much harder row to hoe than we do. Feeding them or providing them the food source is a small (very small) price to pay for the heritage we carry out each and every hunting season.
  3. silvermallard

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    Sep 27, 2001
    Good reply, Duckmen.

    There are a lot of folks looking for decent rabbit hunting these days. I'd think that would be the best answer to solving the "problem."

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