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    99F5BA3D-5B18-4F94-9EC4-3DB20C254FD1.jpeg Sad day . The water fowling community lost a legend yesterday . Tim Grounds an Illinois call maker , guide during the southern Illinois goose hay days , and well known across the country as a great teacher and mentor passed away Sunday at his farm . Tim took the time helping many many young goose callers myself included over the years . I will never forget what I’ve leaned from him , the time spent learning over the phone , and watching his early vhs and cassette tapes over and over and over . Rest easy Tim .

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    Tim Grounds of Johnston City, Ill. won the 1988 - '92 and '94 World Goose Calling Championship at The Waterfowl Festivnal at Easton, Md. Though there may be some dispute about the actual date of Ground's first "World" win - he said ''1986 National...", the "World" record-keepers say '88.


    For his first win, Grounds then-used and marketed a "modified" P. S. Olt A-50, flute style call with its longer hard-plastic b...arrel and modified short-reed insert. He is today believed to be the single individual who started the "short reed ('double-cluck' call) craze" among goose hunters.

    Shown is one of his first instructional audio tapes and business card.

    Tim's son - Hunter Grounds - captured the same "World" title in 2003 - '05 and '07.

    The family remains in the game call business today:

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