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Discussion in 'New Jersey Flyway Forum' started by Tailfeathers, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. Tailfeathers

    Tailfeathers Elite Refuge Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    Hi Gentlemen,
    Getting near retirement, (next 5 years+ - I guess).
    Live in Virginia now , but I am definitely thinking NC, SC, close or on the salt water to retire. Need to return to my marsh rat days of childhood for happiness.
    But now it looks like my Son will be a Jersey guy. Works in NYC, just moved from Brooklyn to Hoboken. His profession will probably keep him working in NYC for a while, if not forever. Who knows, maybe grandkids in x number of years. I don't want to be the lonely fisherman and see my son and grandkids a few times a year.
    So, with all that said I am considering NJ, salt water areas.
    The good I see in Jersey for me, would be closeness to my Son, easier and more visits.
    great water fowling traditions, Barnegut Bay to reacquaint itself with my BBSB. I've met a number of Jersey watefowlers and all seemed to be good guys , even though they all talked funny.
    It looks like you all have a lot of public marsh to hunt. I'm not thrilled about your conceal carry permit restrictions as compared to Va, and the Carolinas, gun laws in general, but I can ( gulp) get past that. I think.
    Taxes are higher in NJ, lots of other things too. But you got Snookie and all those flat out gorgeous Jersey Girls. But then again the southern states have Southern Girls. My head is exploding right now weighing this and that. Why should girls matter at 65 and a V-8 with spark on 4 cylinders, you have good scenery in life till your last breath,ha. .
    So, with all this stuff said, how good is the NJ hunting? Fishing?
    I got my eye at Barnegut Bay waterfront canal areas, and have my blinders on remembering Sandy and ready to throw the dice.

    " Should I stay or should I "
  2. bob kudile

    bob kudile New Member

    Jan 29, 2003
    new ringgold,pa.
    tailfeathers, i am from nj and have moved to pa 10 years ago. i have hunted the jersey marsh since the mid 50's. from manahawken south to tuckerton. developers started beach haven west and the bay front was owned by the crammers and duck hunting clubs. they didnt care if you entered the marsh from the woods and stayed away from ponds and the bay front. the state owned hunting land in manahawken and tuckerton. after the feds bought up all the barnagat and great bay marsh it stopped the development. there were various rules for blinds, jump shooting, 25 shells, sky busting, distance between blinds etc. most of these are in force today but nothing you cant live with. in the early season you can hunt teal and wood ducks along the woods. jump shoot black ducks mid marsh and blue bills on the bay front. late season cans and red heads on the bay front from a sneakbox or garvey. at 65 the marsh is tough to hunt and a boat for the bay front would be best. i started when i was 17 or 18 years old and draged a 12' 2 x 10 around to cross the ditches and i takes time to learn the marsh. pa has concealed carry not nj. you need a firearm i. d. card to purchase long guns. pistols need a purchase permit in addition to the i.d. card so forgetaboutit. i personaly have not had a promlem with guns. my daughter inlaws mother has a nice house on the bay with a boat docked in back, in tuckerton off 7 bridges road and the fish factory. in north jersey i had good luck hunting geese late season after the corn is down. any farm with sweet corn, first to be down, or cows is good. not during deer gun season. south jersey has plenty of snows. there are wma's all thru south jersey for put and take pheasants. wild quail are gone but there is greenwood wma that is a quail restoration project that dog guys like. woodcock are good after you find them, woodcock hunters will never tell you. you must look for pickups with dog boxes. the pickup is a decoy you must look up or down the road from the truck.

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