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Discussion in 'Florida Flyway Forum' started by Migillicutty, Dec 18, 2002.

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    Sep 3, 2002
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    You Seme........., oops, that's right, Floridaboy won't let me use that word........you Criminoles are a bunch of Democrats. The way you are twisting the facts, it couldn't be anything else.
    Yep, the second game of the season, when UT was ranked in the Top 5, and UF not far behind, I did post that. How was I to know - AT THAT TIME - that the Vols would suck this year??
    5th string QB?? Migilliterate said it was the 4th string QB!! WhatIfCat said it was the 3rd string QB! Will you guys make up your minds?? :rolleyes: Stop trying to make it look like it was worse than it really was.
    When did I say anything about Maryland? I didn't. But the fact remains that when UF beat UT, they were in the Top 5. When Maryland beat them, they were unranked. :p
    You Sissynoles are just mad because FSWho?? sucked again - two years in a row!!! :l :l :l
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