SAT essay optional?

Discussion in 'World News / Current Events Forum' started by API, Mar 5, 2014.

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    Dec 29, 2008
    Way way back in the olden days, I took both the SAT and ACT during my senior year in high school. Can't remember my scores, but at least it was enough to get admitted to a university. I do recall that both exams were a bitch and it was a milestone just to get them over with.

    Forever it seems we hear about how the education system has been dumbed down to the point that kids graduate with little more than a piece of paper. Results are they sure as hell don't appear to be very smart (hey, the young vote is firmly in Obama's pocket).

    Today's news reads like the SAT/ACT is being made more of an equal opportunity experience. More likely while appearing as some sort of feel good affirmative action and relevance for the shallow minded, in reality its more dumbing down. That is sad.


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