Scoter-Longtail mix

Discussion in 'Diver Hunters Forum' started by lowandslow, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. lowandslow

    lowandslow New Member

    Feb 2, 2017
    Should I run my dz scoters on there own line or intermix with Old Squaws?
    if mixing, front of line back of line or doesn't matter.
    has anyone come up with a long line spreader to put a clump of dekes halfway up the line.
    tried the metal wire spreader for mallards and if was cluster tangle.
  2. saltdux

    saltdux Elite Refuge Member Sponsor

    Sep 15, 2001
    Olympic Peninsula, Washington
    Running a mixed spread when both squaw and scoters are in the area, we typically run the squaw dekes in blocks on the start or end line and rig scoter dekes down the balance of the line. 2 or three of those longlines set laterally and the header squaw flock starts to layer up and look like a flock sitting up with the scoters. Running one or two lines of squaw perpendicular to the lines can also be effective. In my experience squaw and GE dekes always seem to get more attention on the outside and ends of the longlines.
  3. Irish eyes

    Irish eyes Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 21, 2015
    When I lived in NY I shot scoter on LI Sound. Current helped keep the long lines straight. The scoter were on longer lines and double anchored. Scoter to the left while sitting toward the aft of the boat. l
    We put he old squad behind the boat and to the right side. I used two lines of just six decoys each. The six were pretty close on the long lines and the long lines were close to each other. Never bothered to double anchor the shorter lines.
    I am now re painting the old squawks to use this year in NC. I will rig them the same, just use shorter anchor lines and double anchor as the lack of tide would allow them to wander.
    In ten years I haven't seen an old squaw yet but they were crying so loud when I pulled the other decoys out of the crawl space.....what else could I do.

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