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Sell me on your State or convince me to stay the hell out.

Discussion in 'Chesapeake Flyway Forum' started by Wood Duck Hunter, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Wood Duck Hunter

    Wood Duck Hunter New Member

    Oct 5, 2015
    Nuff said. Obviously there is a reason why everyone is moving down here.
  2. nukeya168

    nukeya168 Refuge Member

    Dec 25, 2012
    Bought a short sale about 6 yrs ago 3785 sq ft on 1 and 3/4 acres for $265k, work at the nuke plant in PA and my kid goes to private school 500 a month so living isn't that bad. Good access to water public hunting is fair at best and hopefully our Gov. Hogan(R) will continue to turn this state around although Baltimore is a complete waste totally awash with democrats ****ing that city up bad.
  3. chad

    chad Elite Refuge Member

    Jun 27, 2001
    Mechanicsville, MD
    I moved from Waldorf to St Mary's County several years ago because I have kids and didn't want them in Charles County Schools. St Mary's is rural and very nice. Of course there's areas with crimes and drugs, but that's every town in this country. Rural Montana has drug problems. All you can do is try to get in a decent area and raise them right.

    The fishing in this area is incredible. I completely stopped fishing for LM because of the striped bass (rockfish). I can catch rockfish 12 months out of the year on the bay and Potomac. A 3 lb bucket mouth doesn't do much for me when I can catch 30 lb rockfish on the same tackle. We have a lot of deer. Public land is ok. There's a lot of public forest land in Charles and St Marys Counties. Deer should not be a problem. The duck situation is horrible. Blind laws suck and if you've ever hunted waterfowl in the midwest, you ask yourself why you even bother around here.
  4. rlh

    rlh Senior Refuge Member

    Mar 11, 2003
    Alexandria, Virginia
    I am no expert as I do not live in Maryland. However I drive through Waldorf and Southern Maryland almost daily. The monster in the region is Washington DC. People commute over 60 miles to work in DC. The better paying jobs are in DC and the surrounding communities. The Federal Government is disbursing many of the employment opportunities out of the District to the surrounding areas to avoid weapons of mass destruction and decapitating strikes. The dynamics involved are tremendous on the surrounding communities. The growth in the Waldorf area is because of the District. Some jobs moved from the District to Dahlgren Navy Support Base recently. There has been tremendous growth along the 301 highway between Baltimore and the Potomac River. The growth of the Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland along the Potomac River since World War II has been huge. It will continue. Everything surrounding the District of Columbia within 100 miles is impacted. You need to understand that nothing is safe and a perfect world for raising a family. But it is easier with employment. You can solve the housing, school, fishing and hunting issues if you have a good steady job. The only thing I can say is that Washington DC is the Capitol of the World--Like it or not--It will continue to grow rapidly as everyone wants to influence the decision makers. If you move to Southern Maryland you are part of the fringe of DC and you will soon have more neighbors than you can imagine.
  5. bpul2113

    bpul2113 Senior Refuge Member

    Jan 16, 2006
    South Central Iowa
    Do not move, stay or contemplate Maryland. Other then the bay and family it absolutely sucks. Maryland holds no advantage to any states other then, new york, california and new jersey. Delaware is a much better alternative to Maryland. The only problem is that Delaware sucks, also. West of the mighty Mississippi is the key, but not anywhere on the west coastn either.

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