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    For those that enjoy medieval historical fiction, i HIGHLY recommend many of her books. She's done several where she researches the history and comes to different conclusions regarding the character of the main figures. . .different from today's common perception.

    A few gems:

    When Christ and his Saint's Slept

    This is the story of England's monarchy after the death of Henry I, when Matilda and Stephen vie for the throne. King Stephen wins. . .sort of, for twenty years, but is finally deposed by the typical forces of the day.

    Here Be Dragons, Falls the Shadow, and The Reckoning

    These comprise a trilogy of the Welsh-English wars of the 1100's and the great Welsh princes (Llewellyn Fawr, Llewellyn ap Gryffidd, etc) who fought off English conquerers for a few generations.

    The Sunne in Splendour

    A history of the rise and fall of King Richard III. It tells of a much more compelling character than Shakespeare's Tudor pleasing version. . .

    She's written more, including a total fiction mystery series, but those above are outstanding.

    Edit: Watching Football and mixed my Simon and Stephen recollections!

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