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    Dec 1, 2000
    1. You MUST include the price you are asking for your item in your post. No "Make Offers", "Up For Bids" Posts Are Allowed, period.

    2.Shooting ads only.No decoys,blinds etc allowed.

    3.Ads can stay on for 30 days.They will then be deleted.You can put them on again after 30 days.

    4.Ads only.All correspondence will be deleted
  2. JFG

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    Sep 9, 2002
    Coastal NC
    I’m helping to move some things for the family of one of our gun club members who recently passed. This member apparently liked to impulse order stuff, then seldom if ever use it. BPI and Precisson Reloading sure were made happy. Anyway, had a lot of stuff in storage and these items need to go.
    I’m selling most in lots- need to keep packaging and P.O. trips to a minimum. Reply here and/or PM. Shipping cost on buyer. I can provide pictures. PayPal preferred, checks if you’ve been on here awhile. Thanks. James.

    *Note: I’ll be cross posting this so things might get sold there too. I’ll honor commitments in the order received.


    1) VP05 (now PT1205) 250/bag.
    5 bags, another 3/4 full. $25

    2) VP13 (now PT1232) 250/bag
    4 bags- $18

    3) Blue Duster-GT9118-12
    500/ bag- 6 bags. $45

    4) Claybuster WAA CB1118-12
    500/bag- 3 bags. $24

    5) Claybuster WTW CB4118-12
    500/bag- 6 bags. $42

    6) Claybuster WAA20 CB1078-20
    500/bag- 5 bags and 1/4 bag
    each of Win 7/8 and 1oz. $40

    12 Ga. 3-1/2” stuff

    1) Mec Steelmaster 3.5”, brand new, shipped from BPI and never opened! Should have chg bar and powder bushings with it. $265

    2) Fiocchi 3.5” primed and skived
    hulls, new. 25mm brass.
    100/bag, 6 bags. $60

    3) Multi Metal 3.5” wads slit.
    Great wad, 100/bag, 8 bags.

    4) Federal Premium once fired
    3.5” hulls. There are 500. He
    put them in a box and mica
    dusted them so they look a
    little dirty but they’re not. I
    found note from PR noting 500
    Min. 250 for $25. Buy them all
    and I’ll include the mica dust.

    10 Gauge

    1) Federal 10ga hulls, brand new
    primed. Large flat rate box full
    has 270. Whole box for $110
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  3. JFG

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    Sep 9, 2002
    Coastal NC
    Federal 10ga hulls *Sold* pending payment.

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