Smoked Ribs, need some Quick Guidance

Discussion in 'Cooking Forum' started by BuckeyeDuck, Jan 10, 2006.

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    Man, I just read through all these posts. All I can say is that the old adage is true:

    "Arguing on the internet is like running a race in the Special Olympics"
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    Not to be pedantic nor to start another p&^%&*& contest-BUT-Where I started smoking stuff-ALASKA-we did mostly fish and lots of them(salmon & Whitefish)-not to go into the particulars BUT Smoking was either hot(kippered or not) or cold( Squaw Candy or Lox ) for cold smoking we used a long pipe for smoke and kept temp under say 85degrees and for a long time(2-3 days)- it was done to dry and preserve fish after a fairly long time in the brine.the salmon was also usually cut into strips and resembled Jerky when finished.
    Hot smoking after a shorter time in brine was started for a few hours(4-5) at a temp under 100 degrees and at the end of the smoking period it could be raised to 125-140 and he product was kippered or cooked. Or it could continue for a longer period up to 24 hrs or so and it would be firm but not hard like the Squaw candy. Fillets for this method were cut into 3-4 pcs rather than strips. We also oftern canned this type of fish --Plain or with sauces such as mustard,tomato, salsa etc- on a really good year we might do 300 cans- our biggest run was 650 cans.
    Smoke cooking ain't smoking at all- it's rather cooking meat, poultry, fish, in the presence of smoke often in a unit like a Brinkmann or Weber or Cabela's dome shaped cooker. Temps are much higher,the end product looks, feels, and often tastes much different etc.
    When the salmon were running we might use our set net in theYukon or Tanana Rivers(Kings,silvers,chums) or dip them( Kings & Reds) in the Copper River and we speared our white fish in smaller, clearer streams.
    I also smoked many geese-ducks-and made moose, caribou jerky, when living there we smoke cooked large roasts,whole pigs, etc in our HomeMade indirect heat cooker.
    this got longer and more involved tan i planned but should enlighten you as to where I come from.

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