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Snow geese on Sunday's?

Discussion in 'Chesapeake Flyway Forum' started by joecitrano, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. Trevor Shannahan

    Trevor Shannahan Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 28, 2011
    Millington, MD
    Notice I said there would be a bump in the economy, but I believe it would be a several year bump followed by a tumultuous plummet due to the hunting quality going down.

    The quality of goose hunting on the ES has already been declining over the past 5 years due to warm winters, changes in agricultural practices, and revolutions in seed engineering. Adding waterfowl Sunday's would just accelerate the inevitable demise of what was once our heritage. I will add this though, I think deer hunting should be completely open on Sunday's, I wouldn't take part in it as I'm not a huge deer hunter, but the population is out of control and they aren't a migratory species.

    As far as VA, no offense but from what I have seen, as a majority the passion for waterfowl hunting isn't there like on the ES. Don't get me wrong, there are die hards everywhere, but there is a considerable amount more in a historically waterfowl centric area like the ES. I think a better example would be to take AR and take Sunday's away for a 3-5 year period and see what happens. It would be a hard thing to measure because it's seen more in workability of birds, but probably the best measurement would be avg # of birds harvested per day per hunter. I definitely think you would see a bump after year 2-3 as birds would be less pressured and therefore more workable.
  2. Montauker

    Montauker Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 1, 2005
    Virginia/Montauk NY
    No offense taken on the VA comparison, I think it is a relevant point about access, # of birds, and # of hunters.

    I will say this, unless we continue to bring people into this sport we will face a decline in access, habitat, and eventually birds. So maybe the short sight is maintaining good hunting at the risk of losing much more.
  3. carolina girl

    carolina girl Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 17, 2008
    If you got the nuts, go hunt on Sunday, Its just a citation, get a great lawyer and go to court and claim your atheist. Should be cut and dry and might set the Sunday hunting ball in motion like you've never seen before.

    Be like the Rosa Parks of the hunting community!
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