So whos ready for dove season?

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    One thing about won't overcome wheat strown on a bare pond dam, under dead trees, 1/4 mile away.:mad:

    Couldn't get the GW out to check this place, but it was too late anyway. From 11:55 (ours opens at 12:00) to around 3:30, these jokers shot darn near every dove within 4 miles coming to that water and wheat....we came in from teal hunting that a.m. around 10 a.m., and there were several hundred on the side of our millet field, that we could see. They got up around 11:30 and flew towards the pond in question...most never came back. We still had a fair shoot. We have lots of speculation about what else they put out there to make the dove keep coming back to the pond AFTER they'd been shot up, but didn't see it. Ticks us off at all the work for someone to bait'em away. Bright spot is that all the millet that had resown itself and sprouted has caught the eye of the local Canadas for their afternoon feed.:h
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    my report...

    September 1st 2003
    Once again back in Austin...
    What can I say, good to be back; driving 80 miles round trip in Houston is getting old. I arrived in Dripping around noon on Sunday the 31st to get the house ready and to beat the traffic. My brother is living up here for the fall semester while he has an internship with the state government in Austin. My buddies Andy Puls and Ryan Smith joined me up here for a hunt and I had them meet me at the cabin before we left for dinner at the The Salt Lick for some good BBQ. Ryan had been there before but it was the first time for Andy. I thought for sure it was going to be packed on a t-sip game day but we were seated in less than the quoted ten minutes. We all ordered the family style and we soon served soem of the best BBQ in Texas at a place that calls itself, "The Last little bit of Texas left in Austin." After dinner time to get some cooking supplies at Albertsons before the next day. After a night with LOTS of loud snoring we wake at around 5:15 and load up and head out the door. I had previously arranged to meet Steve around 5:45 at 1and Slaughter, didn't make it till around 6 so that put us at Connies around 6. Upon pulling through the gate I saw that some other hunters who were allowed to hunt had beat us there and I pulled around back and had everyone unload ASAP to try to get to the spot I wanted for us. Even with me hauling on the Grizz down there I was forced to find a new spot to hunt. Andy, Steve with Baily, myself, and Ryan all were in a line on a fence bordering a sunflower field waiting for sunlight. It was over cast and the birds really did not start flying till 8, but once they did and we adjusted to a different part of the field we were dropping birds left and right. I brought my 682 and a new gun, a Benelli Super Black Eagle and I had installed a Sure Cycle xxxxx and magazine spring kit. I started out with the 682 but with the rain I switched to the SBE. Not a bad gun at all, funny but I swear it kicks more than the O/U. When I got the SBE I also picked up the MojoDove and placed it in a clearing that was between our two groups and turned it on. I think we all agree that it did pull the birds in for a close look, even if just to fly over it, close enough. I think Steve and I both got our limits around 9, Andy was soon after and I think Ryan got his around 10. My brother showed up around 9:30 and I think he had his limit around 11. I don't care how good South Texas is but when you have waves of white-wings flying over you ever five minutes, that's pretty good in my book. We left the field after a few pictures of us and our 60 birds to Dripping. I cleaned the ATV and the other guys started cleaning the birds. As I was washing down the ATV I heard a hissing noise and found I had a leak in my front left tire on the ATV. Oh well, I bought two sets of wheels and tires just for this reason, so the next day I picked up a package of Slime and a portable air compressor and so far so good. After the birds were cleaned Ryan and my brother started on the fire and Andy and I got the birds ready. The day before I had defrosted what I thought were ducks and dove, but the dove were actually quail so the ducks were soaking in a Jamaican Jerk Sauce and the quail were in Lawerys Havana Lime and Garlic sauce. The doves we did the typical Texas jalapeño and bacon. We did half with fresh jalapeños and the other half with pickled jalapeños. The ducks turned out pretty good considering they were probably divers and the quail were awesome. Well Ryan and Andy packed up and headed out after a good hunt, some good BBQ and some spicy doves. Andrew and I met some friends Bubba and Drew at Connies for an afternoon shoot. We were there to fish and as bird dogs since we had already taken our limit. Honestly I didn't think this spot had many doves and I wanted to fish the tank I had found about a month earlier on the ATV. I put out the Mojo and two other FeatherFlex dove decoys on rebar 'T' and as soon as I cast I heard a shot. Kinda supprised I turned to see a bird crumple and fall to the ground. Hmm... fluke I thought, back to those bass. Another few casts and another shot, so I reel in and go watch. I don't know what it is about that spot but doves were coming and going all day long. After helping the two on the back side look for a downed bird my brother heads over to look for one and hears a rattle and kinda jumps and shoots in mid air. He calls us over and I see what looks like a 6' rattler just about blown in half, big snake folks. Well after we get back Steve pulls up to prepare Bailey for duck season. I think the final count was around 12 for Drew and 7 for Bubba but he had lost some to it was closes to his limit. A very good ending to a day that started out making me wonder if we were going to shoot more than three or four. A big thanks to Connie to letting us hunt at her place once again.

    September 2nd 2003
    Second day in Austin...

    Everyone had to work but me (I took the week off to get a band ) so I head over alone to Connies for another go round with the doves. The previous day I noticed the air in the front right ATV tire was leaking but I did not think any more of it. I unloaded the ATV with the flat tire figuring I'd just go easy on it, but when I looked for my key I realized I had left it in Dripping Springs. It not very fun to push the ATV in the trailer without power or someone else helping... Anyways I digress, back to the birds, I setup in the front with the Mojo and the two FeatherFlex decoys. I did pretty good, five mornings on the front side and I had one double (shot both barrels and brought down two birds) so I was pretty happy with that. It got to around nine and I kept waiting for the white-wings to show up but it never happened. I went to the back field where I shot three more, including a double on white-wings. I left at ten to buy some Slime for the tires and brought it all back here and put in the Slime and filled it up. My brother and dad met up with me at the same place we hunted Monday afternoon, good ol' South Texas Pin-striping. Oh well, we set the Mojo up in a disced filed, loaded the SBE and started waiting. It started off pretty slow, I knocked down a high WW and got a few more near the mojo and lost a few in the think grass by the tank. My total was eleven for the day and I think my brother had one or two and my father had one.

    September 3rd 2003
    Got the key this time...
    Just me and the 682, its so nice to have an O/U where you can eject spent shells in your hand and not worry about finding them on the ground. This time I loaded all the gear on the ATV and headed back to the back field and same tree we have been using. I saw a lot more white-wings today but very few would come within range, did scratch out two along with four morning doves. Saw enough to get a limit but I either missed or was at the wrong angle so the house was in the background and I couldn't shoot. But hey, got half my limit and did not loose a bird, can't complain. Plus I found out that calves like the taste of BBQ Sunflower seeds... I left a pack on my ATV and when the cows were going by they started licking them. After I put the guns up I aired up the tire and drove it around awhile and it seems to be holding air, so I guess tomorrow morning I'll know.

    September 4th 2003
    Tire is good...
    I didn't hunt last night, I took the afternoon off and cooked some of the birds and my brother rented Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. I think the birds slowed down again this morning, I only shot four but it took me about a box to do it, man my shooting is really going down hill fast! Took the SBE this morning and tried the Armusa Gold Serial 28, I should have picked a better day to try them out, I think I only connected with three of the shots, well I had three floaters but the three I found had some impressive wound channels, at 1410 FPS those 7.5 sure have some power. I think my favorite so far are the Rottweil Super Game, they are about the same price as AASC or Nitro Golds and are a pigeon load so faster and more pellets. Oh well, gun is clean as are birds, off till this afternoon. Well this time we hunted the far end of the field we had been hunting in the morning and Steve and his roommate Donivan joined me. Right when they pulled up I had just connected with one morning dove and before it I had missed about three easy shots. We had some decent shooting on a fairly regular basis so I can't complain. Our total was ten birds and I had three of them. We finished off the hunt with dinner at my favorite Chinese Restaurant, Taiwan Restaurant on William Cannon.

    September 5th 2003
    Dad along...
    This morning was my dads last hunt before he left for Luling and we hunted the top of the hill. The morning was overcast and there was slight breeze, it was a very nice start of a hunt. Since it was over cast it stayed dark longer than usual and the birds really did not start flying till later. The first shot came from my fathers side-by-side Aya 12 gauge and he had Lil' Skitters 12-20. The 20 gauge Remington did the job and he folded the morning dove right behind a free. I had a few shots and I missed, and the next bird on the ground was again my fathers; unfortunately, it would be his last of the day. I had one morning dove come to the Mojo and just kinda hover there and I missed the bloody thing, not much for a confidence booster. I ended the hunt with five doves (two WW) and my dad had two. Two or three groups came into the Mojo and made for some very easy shooting. We had one come in between my father and I that we both emptied our guns at and it just floated on by, lucky SOB. Afterwards I put up the 682 and my father talked with the ranch manager Sid about tractors, fences, cattle, water, hay and snakes, all things that are discussed about farming and ranching in Texas. I bet that man of 74 years has some stories and wisdom. My college buddy Matt is coming up for the weekend so I got birds on ice ready to be cooked. This afternoon rocked! The shooting wasn't fast and furious, but I finished out my limit in two hours, but just about every bird was shot darting into the tank where I was fishing. Yep, a cast and blast. Caught some small perch and shot some morning doves with the SBE, pretty good afternoon. My shooting wasn't anything to brag about but around two shots per bird to finish out my limit, all morning doves, never saw a WW within 100 yards of me. I think tomorrow I am gonna film, I had intended to tape some hunts but have yet to do it so I think tomorrow is the day.

    September 6th 2003
    No film...
    Well I had wanted to film but once I looked in the camera and bag and saw no film I decided to take the 682 and try my hand again. Some college buddies Matt and Scott joined me for a chance at some good dove shooting. We chose the front field and the morning doves started flying early. After Matt scared a few Scott dropped the first one of the day, I think I had the next one and somewhere along the way Matt got his first. 8, 5,and 5.

    that evening it was 3, 7, and 3.

    5, 2, 7

    (I'll finish this later)
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    Nice post. Sounds like you had fun! and after reading that, MAN am I hungry!

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