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    Sunrise Dec 10 2017.jpg
    Every season, I stumble into a day when everyone has company X-mas parties or other conflicts. I get a twinge of excitement over the prospect of embarking on a solo hunt, just me and my Lab. Sunday was that opportunity. My wife always gives me a little grief over safety, etc – but she knows the life insurance agent. Moose and I arrive at the marsh to 25 degrees and 50% ice covered. We flushed 50 or so, from pockets of open water. A couple weeks back, many times that number had been roosting. I set out 2 dozen decoys, 2 mojo’s and some geese full bodies. I was pleased to discover a good NW wind at about 12mph. Sweating, I climbed into the pit and poured a “rally cup “ of coffee. Moose and I sat down 15-20 min before shooting light and saw few ducks, all was quiet and I wondered if the cold front pushed new birds down or old birds out. I snapped this picture at sunrise and just on Que, 8-10 mallard dropped in. For the first 10 minutes, after LST, I clicked off the safety 4-5 times and failed to take a shot. It wasn’t a duckNado, maybe 50-75 mallard working my spread, coming from all directions. My head was on a swivel and I couldn’t decide which target to break the silence. I sometimes take hens, but try never to target them. Moose is wondering who the idiot is in the duck blind, not shooting. Finally a drake makes a slow decent and falls. The hunt lasted about an hour and I failed to get the bonus duck, but left with memories of another wonderful outdoor experience.
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    Apr 4, 2011
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    Nice story. Thanks for sharing. Solo hunts are my favorite. The only drawbacks are there’s no one to high five when you triple on a 3-pack that drops into the spread...and there’s no one else to blame but yourself when you whiff on the next three.
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    Those are the best ones for sure, just you, your dog and the ducks.
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    Excellent post :tu:tu

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