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    Sep 14, 2008
    In many of the world's religious circles the role of a leader is established. For example. In the Catholic Church today they claim that Peter's Apostle position is being filled today in the role of the Pope. I dont believe the Bible backs that up. Now the question I have is where are they leading them? In a walk through the Bible we can see what the end was for the Apostle's. They were beheaded, boiled in oil, curcified, drug until dead etc. Why is it today that so many leaders that are in so called "Apostolic Succession" left alone. Is the world a better place? Did the Devil dissappear? He stands condemned. I find it troubling when flocks of people follow those that continually keep trying to be friends with the world.
    God is our authority. We as Christians are his body. All together we are underneath the head. Jesus Christ. If someone says a foot is more important than a hand you would get nowhere.
    In the military a commander has authority. He is also under authority. God. Romans 13.
    The importance of God's Word is to keep from being mislead. The Bereans model this. "What does it say?" Part of leading is learning. Do your leaders follow the Word?
    Do they use tradition to explain themselves? We will all be judged by what God has said. Not man's traditions. Read and pray. Our Lord is coming soon.
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