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    Jul 16, 2002
    If you get a chance to visit a Sportsman's Warehouse you will not be disappointed. Sort of a mini-Cabela's.

    We have NOTHING here that even comes close. There a store in Clackamas and one in Salem. 15 stores total, I think.

    Sac could use a Sportsman's Warehouse.

    See more info at:

    Maybe with A R N O L D ' S new business-friendly-California approach we may luck out and get a quality store in Norcal.

    BTW, while in Oregon for the Hloidays, killed 26 mallards and 2 sprig; 2 r'pots; 2 days. I would sum up our hunts as "adventurously unconventional". Yeah, that would pretty much describe it. The only conventional part were the decoying mallards at 20 yards. Oh, and all public ground. All I am allowed to say.

    The Rumpot

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