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Discussion in 'Alaska Flyway Forum' started by bigreid, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. Woodduck31

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    Jun 15, 2003
    I should tell a positive 'this happened to me story'. As BR said, there are a lot of good folks around, we just don't like getting stepped on by the unethical ones.

    I was making my usual early arrival at another hunting spot that I don't normally go to since we had been froze out of our normal spot. I got there just in time to be driving behind a local. I'm hunting in a different county from where I live and recognized the guy's license plate to be a local. I'm sure he was doing a little talking to himself as he saw my headlights on the backroad behind him. When we got out of our cars, I went over to him and introduced myself. He was an older gentleman and we exhanged small talk for a bit. I asked him where he wanted to go and told him since he was first to the spot, we would just head in a different direction. He seemed pleasantly surprized and we talked a lot more about hunting the area. As it turned out our day ended up being a bust, but I got to spend some time walking around the river area, scouting it out for next time, teaching my boy about the animal sign we came across, teaching him woodsman skills. It was a valuable day for father and son, not to mention the example I had set for him in dealing with someone who had beaten us to the spot.

    In our travels that day looking around the river, we heard the old man shoot a few times, so we knew he had at least seen some birds. As we walked down a small channel my son saw a dead mallard laying sprawled out on the bank. I investigated it and to my surprize it was still bleeding and no rigor set in, fresh dead, aparently heart or lung shot. I didn't want to see it go to waste, so we took it with us. When we got to the parking area, we left a note on the old man's truck and told him of what we found along with my phone number. He called me later that afternoon and he had indeed shot a mallard drake that had flown off in the direction that we had found this one. He was happy to know it had been recovered, but probably happier about the respect we had shown him. A lesson learned for both my son and myself. Respect, it goes a long way.
  2. bobshem

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    Oct 11, 2003
    Anchorage, AK
    I am heading over to the Sportsmans Warehouse this morning. I am going to suggest to the manager that they install a small latte shop in one corner. That way I won't have to leave for lunch and I can stay there all day.

    Also, yep, Mountain View Sports is screwed. Gone are the days when a box of top quality steel shot in Alaska costs you twenty bucks.

    The sad part is that the guys and gals that own and run Mountain View are real nice. Hopefully they have stashed some money away in a 401K.
  3. bigreid

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    Mar 6, 2003
    I agree Bob, Mountain View will die, it is just a matter if it will be a slow death or he gets out quick and sees it coming. I agree a latte shop with rolls and donuts would be good. The only problem is that I do not have the intelligence to read a menu from one of those places and have a difficult time just getting a plain old cup of duck boat coffee. You may suggest they put the menu in terms duck hunters can figure out. Maybe instead of "double, skinny latte with not foam" it could be "xl, sligthly muddy with no weeds on top". Now that I can relate to.

    Anyways, it was nice to finally talk with Dave and Johnny. I had a good time and hope we can all get together and do it again.
  4. AKCAT

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    Nov 23, 2003
    Delta Jct AK
    All I know is not being outside for three years these last 6 weeks were pretty cool. With Sportsmans Warehouses and Scheels I was drooling, it's sad for the mom and pop stores but not only are the prices outrageous they never carry anything worthwhile.
    Probably the reason you guys are getting overrun down there is because you live in the city, Anchorage is a nice town because you can almost see Alaska from there. No hunting pressure up here in the interior...........
  5. dallen

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    Dec 21, 2001
    Wasilla, Alaska
    Trust me, as a guy who cut his teeth growing up and hunting in Washington, "we dont have no pressure". I remember the competition, crowding, poor ethics.......We still got it pretty good. I very rarely have problems with guys crowding, and actually hope to see several groups hunting just to keep the birds from piling up.

    As for the coffee, me too on the menu. all that tall,double decaff skinny border.....stuff confuses the S$!T out of me. I'm ok when they put "coffee" on the menu. (make sure the sizes make sense too. small,medium,large do just fine.

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