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Discussion in 'New York Flyway Forum' started by BAYDOG, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. VT Duck Guy

    VT Duck Guy Senior Refuge Member

    Feb 12, 2001
    Rutland, VT
    Up for sale are 48 Herters 72 mallards, blacks and repainted scoters (were black ducks). All mallards are in nice shape with normal user dings in a foam decoy and all have been repainted at some point in time, 9 of them have autumn wings wooden heads. Some of the bodies have been modified to no head feeders or surface feeders.

    There are 12 black ducks, 7 have the old style internal keel, 3 have AW heads. The old style are in fair condition (perfect candidates for a burlap project) and the newer ones are similar to above. Some of them also have been modified like the mallards.

    There are 6 +1 black ducks repainted as scoters (one white) these are also the old keel type and are in fair condition and will need a new paint job and possibly burlap.

    Also included are 1 Herters 62 mallard, old style keel in good shape, and 4 older Superduck mallard decoys. These are in good shape, just need a paint job.

    I am looking for $10 each or $450 for the whole lot, picked up in Rutland VT. I will be willing to travel some depending on my schedule, and they are the decoys only, no lines or weights.

    Any questions let me know and I can answer them, email or IM






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