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    Feb 18, 2013
    I'm looking to do a couple of swap hunts. Hunts will be mainly timber hunting in northeast Arkansas on public ground with some rice field hunting depending on water. I personally don't usually hunt fields but have access to some good ones when they have water. I have been doing swap hunts since 1998 and will still continue to allow the friends I have made to continue to hunt with me but I'm wanting to see some new territory. I'd like to swap one or multiple hunts here for a deer hunt for 1 guy, you can bring 1 person (2 hunters total). I'd like to hunt Indiana or Kentucky possibly Missouri, Oklahoma, or Illinois. I'd also like to take a group in exchange for a turkey hunt. Same rules apply except I would like to bring my dad and would allow a group of 3 or make arrangements for extra days if you want to bring an extra guy (4). I'm looking to hunt TN, preferably middle TN where there is a good concentration of birds. I already have one spot that I hunt over there but I'm looking to upgrade spots. I'll still hunt that spot some and my friend I swap with will still hunt here but I know there are some better areas out there. I have schedule flexibility so if you do to then the better your chances will be for getting in on good hunts. You're welcome to schedule days but you're always welcome to comeback if we get a wave of birds or the river gets out etc. PM me if you're interested.

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