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Taking my 12 year old son to Saskatchewan

Discussion in 'Canadian Hunters Forum' started by Blu Mafia, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. CDNduckslayer

    CDNduckslayer Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 12, 2011
    Not sure if it will apply to your son or not but want to let you know so you can research as much as possible before your trip. Would really suck to get up here and learn of restrictions then. Here youth between the ages of 12-15 have to share a firearm with their mentor, youth between 15-18 must be at arms length if they do not posses a miners permit but can have there own firearm. After 18 they must have a valiid PAL to hunt on their own. Like I said not sure if it will apply to your son if he is fully licensed for your area.

    Just curious, can he have his own firearm in Indiana with his valid hunters education card???
  2. Geez n Quackers

    Geez n Quackers Senior Refuge Member

    Mar 13, 2000
    Kansas City, MO
    My nineteen year old son has been going with me since he was twelve. In accordance with the rules and recommendations for traveling abroad with a minor, I had the letter from my wife, a copy of his birth certificate (to show that she was his mother), in addition to a copy of her drivers license. The first couple of years that he went, Canadian border officials asked for the first two items. Other than putting his hunters safety number on the license purchased for him, it was no different than an adult. He was always under my supervision as a youth and I didn't worry over any new procedures there that I didn't apply to hunting here in the States.

    I have always used the privilege of hunting and in particular our annual trip to Canada as encouragement to keep his grades up, and he never let me down. I would strongly recommend the experience for any youngster. It may have meant missing school for a week or so, but what was gained was invaluable! His teachers were always extremely supportive, and sharing what he learned with his class was a benefit to them as well.

    One advantage to employ in hunting with a youth; a well mannered youth by your side when going up to a farmers door is a bonus. Canadian farmers are some of the most generous people when it comes to sharing their land with hunters, but they really open up the vault for you when a youth is involved!
  3. wavie

    wavie Senior Refuge Member

    Mar 28, 2004
    Its never been questioned while crossing the border with a notarized letter from the son/daughters mother. I use a passport instead of a birth certificate.

    Enjoy your time with your son.
  4. Action

    Action Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 16, 2005
    Kennewick/Diamond Lake, Wa
    Been crossing the boarders with the two boys for years without a hassle. Childs passport and a letter from momma with a copy of her drivers license will work just fine. Have fun and I can guarantee lasting memories are to come!

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