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Taking Phidough to Canada

Discussion in 'Canadian Hunters Forum' started by mrmallerd, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. mrmallerd

    mrmallerd Elite Refuge Member

    Sep 25, 2002
    southern illinois
    Just curious as to how everybody handles their best friend during the long ride? Where does he ride? How often do you stop? Do you do anything to make his trip easier?
  2. WaterFoulHunter

    WaterFoulHunter Senior Refuge Member

    Jul 13, 2016
    Hayden, ID
    I've taken my YLM, 12, everywhere for years. I've always stopped to let him out (and run, down a dirt road, fire road, etc...) as often as necessary. He's a house dog, too, and I know that he's good for 5+ hours between pee breaks at the house, so I make sure to respect his existing pattern. My 3 yo BLM needs to take a break every 2-3 hours (Smaller bladder?) so I maintain that routine when traveling. Where they ride depends upon which vehicle I drive. If it's the Jeep, I remove the back seat and they get the space to themselves. If it's my pick-up, I have two porta-kennels secured in the back and they ride there. If it's winter, I have two Cabela's kennel covers that I use to keep them out of the wind. I've taken them across country, up to Alberta, everywhere except the desert in summer. They l-o-v-e a good road trip.
  3. Captain Jim

    Captain Jim Elite Refuge Member

    Nov 8, 2003
    Santa Cruz CA
    I took my lab to Canada a few years ago. It was a 2000 mile ride one way. She's always rode in a crate in the back but I found out that many hours even with stops every 4 hours really screwed her up. She didnt eat for several days while going up. We were pretty tight on room but on the return trip home, she rode in the back seat and had no issues...granted, she does very well inside so that made it nice.
  4. CLS Posse

    CLS Posse Elite Refuge Member

    Jun 29, 2000
    Posse Land, IL
    He rides in the cab with us. We pull a fairly large enclosed trailer so our mpg isn't the greatest so we are stopping every 250-275 miles or so for fuel and he gets aired out each time

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