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Discussion in 'Political Action Forum' started by eel river, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Ron Gilmore

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    Feb 27, 2003
    Cant find the link, but I think I saw the approval rating has dropped to 8%!!!!!

    Duck is right why do they get elected over and over? In part it is who is running against them or how much money they pork back to the state. My state is a prime example. Two air bases and a NG Air Base. With modernization we don't need all three. Yet we still have them, repurposed missions, but we did lose the fighter jets in Fargo. Now along with Grand Forks it is drones! Our contingent at that time fought and won by scratching others backs and giving them support for their pork projects.

    So they where elected again and as a result we got Obamacare. They both retired after that because the people of the state where so upset that those pork projects didn't carry enough weight to over come that!
  2. The_Duck_Master

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    They get reelected because their guy isn't the problem, it's the other side they don't like. It would be really interesting to see a comparison over time of the relationship between how polarized the electorate is and their opinion of congress overall. My gut tells me we have a low approval because the two sides of the electorate are struggling to see issues on which they agree. Anyone familiar with such a comparison?
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    They get reelected because most districts are gerrymandered and people vote the party not the candidate. Add to that the way candidates are selected by a vocal minority of caucus goers and you have crappy candidates. So incumbents have a huge advantage. Then there is the whole campaign finance thing.....
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    FIFY. The bride has functioned as a convention delegate. For sure the post convention war stories are mostly about "loud" attempts to stampede the proceedings.

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