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    Aye Mates,
    RELAX and don't get too excited, not heading up to chase "THE KING O' GAME BIRDS" during this trip. That effort will take place when TRAD and I head up to grouse camp with plans to hunt along with me good Mate - Dave aka "COALMAN" leaving for Maine on 12/3/17. Plans are to hunt o'er me gun dog "TRAD" and Dave's "Miss BELLE" in pursuit o' some Maine partridge. That trip is guaranteed to be a hoot as bird hunting with Dave is always a grand time. Dave literally vibrates right before ye eyes with excitement whence hunting upland birds. His yellow Labrador female BELLE is a former trainee o' mine and is a virtual woodcock and grouse hunting machine. [​IMG]

    Team Trad is heading north later today (Sunday, 11/19/17) and will be hunting for eider, scoter, and long tails oe'r the next two days with Maine Master Guide and USCG Captain Troy Fields. Troy and I have been friends for a bit o'er six years now. I am heading up with me gunning Mates John, Bill, and Billy and o' course me best four legged Mate "TRAD". TROY sent on weather advisories to me this morning and they are certainly not what we had hoped for, a bit daunting to say the least and we will adapt accordingly for the sake of the safety of all involved. I have lost some dear mates to gunning related cold water drownings and I give the ocean her due respect for the heartless witch she can be. Regardless, we will make the very best of it as it is a most special hunt in tribute to a most special friend which I will not elaborate on now, and will save that as part o' the photo essay I'll be sending out post hunt later next week.


    So it is with great anticipation that we leave today for the great State o' Maine that is dear to so many on this board. The big waters and tough hunting conditions along with strong flying birds in choppy northern waters will present some most challenging wing shooting.

    We will be hunting o'er TRAD and Troy's lass "PEARL" both fine Labrador Retriever gun dogs and both Troy and meself have already concurred that we will NOT put either dog in harms way if conditions so require us to protect our cherished retrievers.

    Stand watch Mates, the photo essay is forthcoming. To all o ye and ye families, a most Happy Thanksgiving holiday and good gunning to ye from TEAM TRAD.

    Slan go foill,

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