The Arrival of The New Season! (Long Island, NY)

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    Feb 18, 2015
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    Another new season has arrived here on Long Island, as we continue to capture the action thru the lens! Here's a few of the latest images from recent hunts last week here in New York. Filming Upland, Field Goose, Puddle Duck & All-New Timber Hunt Video Coming Soon..
    23843585_10213761418805383_1215356076980842041_n.jpg 23844684_10213761382484475_242842729028160591_n.jpg 23905450_10213761429605653_2108448835999514484_n.jpg 24059263_10213761429085640_2578952188845620084_n.jpg 23905671_10213761432085715_4881602090205576474_n.jpg
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