They're Ganging Up on Me!

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    Feb 23, 2005
    So I got a chance to get in a little bowhunting right before Irma ran me out of the woods.

    After sitting in a climbing stand from daylight til about 11 am decided to walk a bit to see if I could catch one feeding in the fields. Then it started to rain, so I headed to the truck.

    As I hunted my way to the truck, I passed a game camera I didn't know was there. My brother sent me these pictures.

    The deer had me outnumbered and outsmarted!

    This is me, the Phantom, stalking through the woods.
    t Deer teamwork1.jpg

    This little buck was following me a few minutes later.

    Deer teamwork2.jpg

    He watched me til this BIG buck slipped out, then they went in the other direction

    Deer teamwork3.jpg

    I can't win!:doh
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