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  1. Greybeard

    Greybeard Elite Refuge Member

    May 16, 2000
    O.K., this ol' coot gives. What the hell is a Vexilar? Reckon it's some kinda LCD or sumthin but I've shure never used one ice fishin'. Heard a lot of guys talk about it but never been out around one.

    "If you ain't freezin' to death with yer fishin'...yer missin' the best winter sport there is".
  2. Krappie

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    Mar 11, 2000
    Depere, WI, USA
    Hey Greybear, the Vexilar is a flasher "style" depth finder. Alot like the old time flashers such as Hummingbird or Lawerence. But these units are sweeeeeeeet. All I have to say is that you must get one. Although they are slightly expensive at around $300 a pop(for the Pro Ice fishing model) they're worth their weight in gold. Let's just say that I've been harping to my buddy Clint about getting one, but he's a stubborn guy and doesn't want to fork out the dough for one. Well he went fishing with me this past weekend and he had the unit in his hole more than mine.he,he,he. The dirty potlicker would keep stealing the Vexilar from me while I took a step outside from the shanty. Well, I believe he'll have one next time that we go out fishing.

    For the while that I fished without it. I hated it because I became dependent on seeing what was going on down there. Without one I felt like I was blind, You see, the Vexilar displays your itty bitty jig on the flasher as a light green "flash" while dropping it down the hole. You can see the fish on the flasher as other green, orange, or red flashes. These flashes normally appear as larger bars... and the larger the bar alot of times it's a larger fish or clustered group of fish. As the fish moves closer to your jig it appears as a orange flash gradually turning bright red. You better start focusing on your rod tip at this point. It won't be long and the fish will be pecking at your bait. Alot can be learned by such a simple display though. If you start jigging the bait and the fish drops back down to the bottom or moves away it's quite apparent they are in a neutral or negative mood. So often times a "dead stick" or very subtle movement is required to trigger a fish. If you jig the bait aggressively and the fish motors up quickly up to the bait...get ready for a strike. That's a clear indicator it's a hot fish and they are in an aggressive mood. If you're a crappie fisherman this little device is worth its weight in gold. Especially when the fish are suspended in deep water. You are always aware of where the jig is in relation to the fish and you can precisely put your bait in front of the fishes nose. What sets the Vexilar apart from other units is the great way that it separates underwater objects. You can see a walleye or perch hanging close to the bottom by the distinct green bar or flashing colored bar. The bottom often appears as a large red bar and this fish can be distiniguished by it's green flash. Well that's enough PR work for Vexilar and I don't get paid from these guys so I leave the rest to the units themselves. If you can scrounge up the dough for one you won't be disappointed!!!!

    catch ya later,

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