Tpo Surgery & Now Acl??????

Discussion in 'Gun Dog Forum' started by dleva, Jan 1, 2004.

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    Jan 30, 2003
    I have a young YLF. She had triple pelvic osteotomy on her right hip on October 1/03. She was about 8 months at the time of the surgery. We discovered the problem in July, but the surgeon suggested we wait until she grew a bit and her hips filled out. Anyway it is now 3 months later and she still limps. Xrays have been done once a month and every week we take her over for a checkup. The last set of xrays was done earlier this week. The vet took some xrays of her right knee and the right hip since I mentioned that lately when she stands up from lying on floor that occasionally I think I hear a crackling in either the hip or knee area. The hip seems to be healing well and calcium is growing over the screws and the plate. The problem with the limp now seems to be with the knee. There is a small spur looking object on the tip of her knee joint. As you can tell from the poor explanation I'm not a vet. He thinks she has put too much pressure on it compensating for the hip problem and mentioned acl, but it's hard to tell by the xrays. The xrays have been sent to the surgeon to get his opinion. My question is whether this is a common problem with dogs that have a TPO done? And does anyone else have any words of wisdom on the knee problem. And after the knee is fixed what are your experiences with reoccuring problems?

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