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    Jan 1, 2003
    Snapseed.jpg FAQ of the Day : What is the difference between the Barne'Burner17 and the StubbleBum ?

    Answer : The short answer to a long story is Internal dimensions , Size , and Guts .

    The barrel was opened up allowing more air to build up but also not seize up on you creating power and a sweet backpressure feel that will make you smile . The big full down filled feather gander sound is more easily achieved from beginner to advanced callers.

    The barrel was lengthened to help with ease of use , to achieve proper pressure , and creating fuller down feathered Goose sound .

    The insert end was shortened and also opened up to achieve ultra fast , clean , and , sharp responding honks - clucks -and comebacks .

    Finally the guts . A friend bumped into some Clucker style guts from the 1990s . I was told and confirmed that these guts have long been since discontinued from sale but are however still prized by serious goose callers .

    I hope that helps answer some of your questions . ThankYou for your business .

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