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    Is there any advantage to shooting a 20 gauge vs 12 with lighter loads? I am interested in reloading heavier non toxics and also have been looking at new shotguns. Seems like having a heavier 12 gauge and shooting lighter loads of heavier shot would be best unless I am missing something? Heavier 12 gauge shooting 1oz is going to kick less than a 20 gauge launching 1oz and larger barrel diameter would lead to better patterns? Appreciate any feedback on this as I don't want buyers remorse and I do love the feel of some of the 20 gauges, they re some handy little blasters.
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    Heavier weight tungsten shot allows you to use smaller pellets of the same weight or heavier as lead or steel shot, using smaller payloads in sub gauge guns you get adequate pellet count but still an affective killing load. A lot of people are using size 7, 8 or 9 TSS shot and getting very good results even in 28 gauge guns at extended range.
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    If you're willing to hand-load HW13 shot or denser (HW13 #7 or smaller, or TSS), then 28ga or 20ga are plenty for waterfowl-- you can load a full 1oz load of HW13#4 or #6 in the TPS28ga wad with a perfect fit. It's a lot more pellets with further ranges than anything you can do in 12ga steel shot. So at that point, all guns become viable options with good lethality-- now you're just into personal fit, preference, recoil, what you shoot well, and what else you want to use the gun for.
    I use 20ga 7/8oz HW13#6 loads when I want to "Go BIG" duck hunting... if I don't want to shoot such a powerful load (or expensive), then I just use my 12ga Cynergy and shoot 9/8oz steel #3 shot, which really is all I need out to 40 yards where I stop shooting. When I want my kids to have the absolute best chances I can, I use the 20 and 28 ga guns they can shoot well, and load HW13#6 for ducks. I've got a bunch of TSS, but it's soooo much overkill that I can't get myself to use it, if I load it then it's in a 28ga steel/tss duplex load.

    Only advantage to subgauge guns with HD shot is you can load it up without filling 3/4 of the shell with spacer/filler wads, which I hate. The 28ga wad (TPS28) is as large as you would ever need for HW13, and waaaay more space than you need for TSS. In 20ga, all the wads are larger than needed and you end up using a lot of cork and felt, I like the smallest thickest wad there is, the PT2090, just so I don't have to use all that filler. In 12ga... well, you'll fill up a boatload of space. But it all works ok, so it's just a personal hangup really.

    Gun choice, there are a thousand threads on already, just realize they are all viable if you're willing to pay $$$ for the HD shot.
    If I shot HD shot for ducks, and lead for upland, I'd get a 20ga.
    If I shot steel for ducks, I'd get a 12ga.
    If I only had 1 shotgun, I'd get a 12ga.
    If I didn't have a dog and walked a lot, and did upland, I'd get a light 20ga and use HD shot for ducks if needed.
    If I only got a 12ga and walked a lot, I'd get a Weatherby SA-08 at 6.5 lbs in camo.
    Recoil wise, you only need 1oz or less of high density shot, going 1300 or so, that's just normal 20ga hunting recoil--single most compelling reason for me to load HD is reduced recoil loads for my kids.
    good luck!
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